Workshop Overview

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops in BLUE require laptops or tablets to participate.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
Fixed vs. Growth Mindset: How do we improve student performance by changing their thinking?


Fixed vs. Growth Mindset: How do we improve student performance by changing their thinking?


GLBT Laws for school safety


Meeting Them Where They’re At . . .Motivating the Unmotivated to Read!


Light Their Fire!

Elementary – Concrete exercises to help students write stories.

Light Their Fire!

Secondary – Creative writing exercises all the way to publishing.

Khan for Math Project based Learning 101 and beyond!


Your Lesson Plan Has Already Been Written: Utilizing CTA/NEA Resources to inform your instructional practice.


Math games and enrichment ideas Class Dojo in the Intermediate classroom


Formative Assessment tool for Constructive Conversations
Adapting for Autism in the Classroom




Down and Dirty Classroom Management


I Can Do It! Classroom Management K-12.


(Second Hour)
Technology in the Classroom: What does this mean? Idiots Guide to Google Docs


So You Know How to Use Google Docs. Now What?


Class Dojo/SeeSaw in the primary classroom


Classroom Apps and Web Pages for Beginners


Grading with Google!


Social media for the Classroom Using Doctopus and Goobric to Assign and Grade


CTA Member Benefits


Site Rep Training 101


Site Rep Training 102


Create the Schools our Teachers, Students, and Communities Really WANT!


Beyond the Hour of Code:  Computer Science Fundamentals with


(Second Hour) App What?! Introduction to Appsmashing Presentations in A Digital World
What every teacher needs to know about 504 Plans TO SEE or NOT TO SEE – working with visually impaired students.


We all Have Rights (in IEP’s)


Teachers and the Law – What every teacher should know about the law.
What is Genius Hour? How do you start this with your students?


4 Cs of Common Core: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration & Critical Thinking Float My Boat – hands-on science activity for grades 3-8.


The Joy of Breaking Things: Making STEM Fun and Relevant
The Three A’s of Mainstreaming:   Adaptations and Accommodations for All! Classroom Freedoms: Reflecting on Student Voice and Choice


Ramping the Rigor:  Strategies for Teaching Common Core Math to at-risk students, students with IEPs, and ELLs
Mindful Leadership:  A mindfulness-based workshop for teachers and administrators